The Purpose of a Fence

There are lots of reasons people put up fences and most make practical sense. For many of the same reasons landscaping is installed at homes – privacy is usually the number one reason.

Fences are used as a visual barrier from traffic and from neighbors’ yards. They are used for security – to stop any intruders or trespassers. A fence keeps kids and dogs safe. It can protect others from a pool, Jacuzzi or pond. A fence can help muffle sound as well as break wind, usually in unison with bushes and other landscaping.

A fence can contain blowing leaves, drifting snow, and trash.

A fence delineates your property from your neighbor’s and solves lots of conflict in return. Remember the famous saying “fences make good neighbors”?

A fence can define a property and give it the last piece of curb appeal needed to complete a design.

Fences are used to help sell homes. They can block unsightly neighbors’ yards or secure a dangerous drop-off that may sway a prospective buyer with children to pass on your property.

Why do you need a fence? Give the experts at Geo Brothers fence a call. We have the answers you are looking for and are happy to meet with you to discuss your options.


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