Spring Fence Repair

With Ice dams, wind storms, blizzards, frost heaves, and compounded snow over 100 inches wreaking havoc on us, what a winter Boston has had! Spring will come inevitably. When it does show up, the light will shed the many problems homeowners have in store.IMG_2925

Areas of concern will be roofing, gutters, down spouts, asphalt, lawns, basement flooding and especially fences. Snow has been shoveled, piled and plowed on any and every fence by Bob your Neighbor and Mother Nature herself. It has not only been snow, but record low temperatures which cause frost heaves that push and pull posts and undermine the fence’s level and stability. And I would bet your gates out of whack just like your back – from all that shoveling.

Most fences will need minor adjustments and gates to be rehung. Repairs can be made so have no fear. After the melt give us a shout – we’ll come right out. Estimate, repair – have no despair! Geo Brothers Fence knows how to repair and we care! Give us a call today! 978-998-0660 http://www.geobrosfence.com/

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