Customized options for even the best escape artists:

Oh, your dog’s an escape artist?

I’ll fix that!

I got a call from a frantic woman who was at her wit’s end. No matter what she did her Husky/Shepherd mix continued to get out of her yard and wreak havoc throughout the neighborhood. I went to her house and told her, “No problem.” I was an expert!

I assessed the situation and saw she had a mismatch of different types of fences at different heights. I met the dog, which was athletic and highly energetic. I told her we needed to install a 6-foot fence and we would make sure there were absolutely no spaces at all for escape! The job cost about $5,000. I told her I will make sure the dog can’t get out. She hired us and we started work immediately.

When we finished we called the homeowner out to look at the impenetrable wall we had built, all of us wearing a smug grin of pride. “Well, let him out! Let’s see if he likes it,” I said.

The dog bounded out like a bull in a china shop. His fur was puffed up, electrified with excitement. He started frantically running up and down the fence, his paws tearing up the ground, realizing he could not get out; his old escape hatches were gone!

His frantic pace back and forth continued. Then, like a shooting star, he sprinted right, shot back to the left, leapt on top of a brick, backyard fireplace and sprung over the fence. Gone!

Immediate shock and horror fell on everyone’s face as we chased the dog down the middle of the street. The customer frantically looked at me: “I just spent $5,000 and he get out in 5 minutes!”

I said, “Sorry, but I think you have to get rid of that built-in barbecue.”

I guess the dog really likes his freedom!

Lesson learned. Here at Geo Brothers Fence, we work with our customers to provide customized fencing that’s right for you. If you have a similar situation, with animals getting out (or in!) give us a call today at 781-599-6531, and we’d be happy to provide you a free estimate. 

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