Throwing a summer soiree? Here’s a few tips on designing the perfect pergola to host it

A back yard with a pergola isn’t just a back yard anymore; it’s a summertime destination. And it’s the perfect location for your end-of-summer soiree. But how to design a pergola? Geo Brothers Fence has designed and built dozens of pergolas to our customers’ satisfaction. Whether you want something small or large, attached or unattached, wooden or wrought iron, we’ve got the materials, tools, manpower and knowhow to do it. But again, back to the design. Here are some things to consider:

  • Size matters. The size of your pergola says a lot about who you are. A small pergola is better for say, throwing more intimate dinner parties, or showcasing your handiwork in the garden. But a larger one can be the perfect extension to your home. They provide a platform to show off that beautiful back patio and can create the illusion of a larger home.
  • Attached or unattached? That is the question. Again, it depends on what you’re looking to showcase. If you’re looking to create an extension of your home, we can build your pergola as an attachment off the back of the house as a cover to a back deck or patio. Or if you’re looking for a separate space within which to hang out and entertain guests, we can take a look at your backyard and help point out the perfect place for a little oasis.
  • The majority of pergolas we build are from sturdy hardwood that is made to last. Wooden pergolas can create a great garden or vineyard feel within your backyard. Also consider ornamental iron, which can create a more antique or modern look, depending on your style.

 Want to build a pergola or trellis but unsure of where to start? Consult someone at Geo Brothers Fence today to talk about ideas that would work for your home!

Call us at (978) 998-0660.



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