Fence Options for Pet Owners—Which Fence Is Right for You?

Whether you are replacing an old fence or installing one for the first time, there are many variables to consider when choosing which kind of fence to put up, how high it should be, and what materials it should be made out of. Putting up a fence to keep your pet in is an especially delicate process, as it requires special consideration of your pet, his abilities, and your yard.

If you have a large dog, or a dog that is especially good at climbing, you probably want to stay away from chain link fences. Not only do they provide the perfect foot holds for an athletic dog, they are also generally shorter than other types of fences. Some large dogs may be able to jump over a four-foot chain link fence without any problem. However, if your dog is small or is not prone to climbing, chain link might be the perfect option for you.

Wooden slat fences are especially good for large or aggressive dogs, as they are not easy to climb and they shield the dog from the outside world. Often, dogs can become agitated if they see people walking past the house, simply because it is in their nature to defend their territory. A wooden fence, however, is usually over six feet high and is constructed to be solid, which makes it difficult for any dog to either see through it or climb it.

Wrought iron fences are bound to be the most expensive, and unless you have a particularly docile dog, do not provide much enclosure or protection. Most dogs will be able to climb them, and some may even be able to slip between the bars and escape.

The final fence option is a bit more progressive, and comes in the form an invisible fence. Instead of building a physical fence, an electronic perimeter is built around the house, so that when the dog strays too close to the perimeter, he is either shocked (in the same manner as a bark collar), or hears an uncomfortable, high-pitched noise.

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